Parul cret are o frumusete aparte si din pacate sunt multe crete care prefera sa il intinda sau sa il prinda in coada doar pentru ca inca nu au gasit tunsoarea potrivita, produsele care sa sprijine buclele sau metoda de a-l usca dupa spalare si cred ca atunci cand se umfla ca o vata de zahar, fara bucle definite, nu vrei sa il porti asa.


Cleansing Cream
Hair Mask
Curl Cream

In cazul parului cret-frizat, foarte aspru,cu fir gros/sarmos curatarea se face cu LOVE/curl cleansing cream, fara sa mai fie nevoie in unele cazuri de conditioner, deoarece tipul acesta de par cret se ingrasa foarte greu si are nevoie de mai multa hidratare decat degrasare. Este ca un ten uscat pe care il cureti cu lapte demachiant mai degraba decat cu sapun. Abia la a treia spalare se recomanda sa folosesti LOVE/curl shampoo si LOVE/curl hair mask. Inainte de a-ti usca parul pulverizeaza LOVE/curl primer pe toata lungimea parului pentru a-l mentine hidratat si aplica LOVE/curl controller pentru a-i controla volumul. In cazul in care are nevoie de un refresh intre samponari, LOVE/curl revitalizer este un spray revitalizant/elasticizant care redefineste buclele.

Daca parul tau este cret-ondulat cu fir mai moale curatarea se face cu LOVE/curl shampoo, dupa care folosesti LOVE/curl conditioner sau LOVE/curl hair mask si inainte de a-l usca LOVE/curl cream pe lungimi si varfuri pentru a te ajuta sa definesti buclele.

Daca il lasi sa se usuce singur e perfect. Daca vrei sa grabesti procesul, recomand sa folosesti difuzorul care se adapteaza la uscatorul de par, dar neaparat sa usuci parul intr-un ritm lent, cu viteza mica si temperatura mica.


So as I walk out of the shower, instantly take my curl cream, mix it between my palms and apply it to my hair. I try to spread the curl cream evenly through my hair and run my fingers through to get the curls form and stick together.


Afterward, I give my hair a light scratch just to release some of the water and help the curl cream really sink into my hair. My hair is dripping wet at this point. I put my hair to the side so that I can let the curls hang and give them a good crunch right up to the root and squeeze out some excess water. At this point, I’ll also get an old t-shirt just to give a really light  squeeze and scrunch my curls to remove the excess water. My curls still quite wet at this point.

Next, I take my favorite hair gel. I mix the gel between my palms and using my hands, rub it in my hair . I’m not running my fingers through my hair so much as I try to evenly spread the gel over the curls. I then apply more gel to the ends of my hair and squidge up. Then the t-shirt comes up again and I use it to  the curls up to my head.


To get an extra volume for my hair, I’m going to employ some flat pin clips at the roots of my hair. These things assist in holding my hair up at the roots, so it doesn’t dry flat. In my regular routine, I would leave my hair to air dry right from there…  But let’s speed it up with a diffuser.


For the next step, we’ll need a blow dryer with the diffuser attached. In dryer’s settings I use high heat but low speed. That’s because the heat must really get into your hair but you don’t want to be blowing it around as this will just cause more frizz. The idea is that you hair needs to fall into the diffuser and bring the diffuser right up into the hair and work very slowly, one section at a time.

At this stage, I will blow dry my hair to about 80% dry so that I don’t create too much extra frizz at the end of my curls.


To finalize it all we will need to scrunch out the gel. In order to complete this step, you’ll have to wait until your hair is 100% dry…


If you try and do it before you will just create more frizzes. Your hair may sound a little bit crispy because of the gel and there are usually two ways to solve that crispy issue and release the defined curls underneath. The first solution is to use an old t-shirt and do the same scrunching motion. This breaks the physical hold of the gel around your hair and makes your curls softer.


Alternatively, take a diffuser again and while using it on a medium heat setting, warm your hair a bit and then scrunch again. You’ll break the gel cast with a mix of heat and scrunching.


Usually, my hair suffers from at least few flyaways. To work around that I usually use a drop or two of oil to smooth over and define the ends. I also love to give my hair a bit of a shake just to get that extra volume at its roots.


There’s also an additional little trick that I have. You’ll need to put your finger tips right through the roots of your hair and then give a little lift like a tiny shake and then bring your hands straight back out the way it came in. You don’t want to run your fingers through your curls you just want to put them into your hair lift at the roots and then bring your hands straight back out.


Finally, if you notice any curls are sitting a little funny you can dampen them down with water and then re-twist them to get a better-shaped curl.